Ruby is a digital content creator operating under the name irlrubyph.

Ruby’s online work is made primarily for creative people with the aim to motivate, inform, and encourage. Over the last two years, Ruby has built an online voice and practise that prefers bold and immediate response to surroundings & current situations.

In their opinion, social media is also an opportunity to make work that is silly and a bit shit on purpose.

Travel Advice for Melbourne Illustration, 2019

Hire Ruby to speak at your event, design a digital asset for you, endorse a product, or collaborate on a new one with you.

Don’t hire Ruby to film or photograph things. Don't ask Ruby to illustrate something for you for free - no matter how simple it is.

All work presented on social media is free to repost with top-line credit, but not for use with any business offers or for reprint on products without prior permission.

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